Top 5 games to play with kids

Top 5 games to play with kids this Christmas

The days leading up to the 24th and 25th December are the peak excitement period for children, and it is a time of year when parents and other family members get to spend more time with the kids. It is also an ideal occasion for playing games together as a family, creating memories that children will remember for the rest of their lives, and share in turn with their kids.

We’d like to suggest some ideas for Christmas games to play with kids that the whole family can also enjoy. We’ve opted for games that don’t require any expenditure and use items that you are already likely to have in the house.

The gift-stacking race

In this fun game, the kids have to recreate a tower of gifts. All they need are some empty boxes and leftover gift wrap. The aim is to see who can wrap the boxes and then make a stack of them in the fastest time.

Snowman Slam

For this you’ll need some white paper or plastic cups, some paper and coloured pens and some rolled up socks. The idea is to decorate the cups with a snowman face and then arrange the cups in a pyramid. The rolled up socks are snowballs and each kid takes turns throwing the ‘snowballs’ at the tower to see how many they can knock over.


It’s an old favourite, and it can be adapted to suit a range of age groups. For a special Christmas game, write words and phrases associated with the festival on a piece of paper, cut them up, fold them, and put them in a container for each player to select their word.

Christmas Cookies

Not so much a game perhaps, but kids love baking, and they especially love decorating cookies and cupcakes. You could hold a competition for the most creative idea, the most colourful, or the best tasting.

Guess what’s in the Christmas Stocking

You will need a Christmas stocking, or improvise with something similar. Fill it with household items. Using a blindfold, each kid takes a turn at guessing what is in the sticking by feeling the items.

Come to Mundo Mania

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