Things to do with kids in and around Estepona

Life in Estepona, and the Costa del Sol generally, allow us to enjoy the outdoor life to its fullest thanks to the Mediterranean microclimate here. Furthermore, the area of Spain offers an abundance of paid-entry kids’ attractions, activities and play centres, like Mundo Mania, but there are also lots of places you can take the children without having to pay and have a great time.


Activities for kids at the beach

El Cristo beach near Estepona port is always popular with families as it is sheltered and has shallow waters and two chiringuitos serving food and drinks. The main beach in Estepona is also a firm favourite, as it is dotted with kids’ play facilities, water sports and numerous chiringuitos. It also has BBQ boats that you can hire and cook your own “moraga” – this is a night-time barbeque where you cook sardines espeto style and fresh fish.

Of course, when you’re at the beach, you still want to keep the kids entertained. Traditional play with sand and water is always a favourite, but we’ve got some great ideas for other activities that you and your children may like to try.


Beach Games


The Water Bucket Relay

Give each child a plastic cup, spoon or large shell and challenge them to fill it with water and race to tip the water into the bucket. It’s a variation on the good old egg and spoon race.


Kite Flying

Kite flying fascinates most kids and there are plenty of shops selling kites, whether toy stores or Chinese supermarkets, and they needn’t be expensive. Kids can even make their own.


Limbo Dancing

Who hasn’t had fun with limbo dancing? You can improvise the bar by using a skipping rope. As you know, the bar keeps being lowered. The person who can go lowest is the winner.


Beach Volleyball

A big favourite on Spanish beaches and you may find a proper net already set up on some beaches. For smaller children you can use a towel and beach ball and count the number of times they can hit the ball back and forth.


Sand Hopscotch

Yes, you can play hopscotch in the sand! Use whatever you can find to draw the grid – a stick or a spade will do and use shells as number markers. Watch out for bare feet on hot sand – you’ll need flip-flops or jelly shoes to protect them.



Children’s Playgrounds

Estepona has several children’s playgrounds and the largest one is on the seafront promenade. It is separated from the road by protective hedges for extra safety and it is handily divided into three sections catering for different age groups. It includes slides, swings, rockers, roundabouts, play houses, climbing frames and more.

Other parks to look for are: Parque del Carmen, Parque Huerta Nueva, Parque de la Constitución, Parque del Calvario, Parque del Niño, Parque de los Abuelos and Parque del Angel.

Parque del Carmen has a very special attraction for kids: it has a waterfall cascading down from the top of a building, which you can walk underneath as well as a cascading two-level pool. There is also a pirate ship-style climbing frame, which never fails to entertain.

Estepona has invested a lot in the town’s facilities and there are always local events suitable for families with kids. And, of course, there’s always Mundo Mania for a treat when they’ve been good! As you know we have a great range of kids’ play facilities and kids’ activities, both indoor and outdoor, which will keep them entertained for hours!