The Benefits of Child Interaction

Interacting and playing with peers and adults offers a fantastic amount of learning and development opportunities for children, no matter the age. The right environment will help children develop strong language, creative and social skills to set them up for life.

In a world where screens have become a huge part of our everyday lives, it’s never been more important for children to have a little downtime and develop in-person social skills with their peers. Children socialise best when they’re engaged, self-directed and with their peers – and Mundo Mania provides a brilliant setting to do just that.

We’re passionate about providing a safe and secure space for children to learn, play and grow here on the Costa del Sol. We offer a huge range of indoor and outdoor kids play facilities, all geared towards providing the best foundation in the development of your child. We cater to kids of all ages too, from toddlers to teenagers, so there’s something for everyone on offer!


Play encourages children to socialise and start to understand social behaviours amongst their peers, teaching them to be more empathetic and to express their feelings, as well as providing a context in which children can learn about one another. Being able to hold successful dialogue with their peers plays a key part in them becoming socially capable. A lack of social skills can mean that jokes or idioms might not register with a child whose language skills are falling behind, and they might struggle to find the words to convey their feelings or join a conversation and understand conflict.


Time away from the devices like tablets and smartphones is super important to younger minds. Children who engage in any form of regular physical activity are known to be healthier both physically and mentally, and when their fitness level is good, they are more likely to be motivated in school, too. Mundo Mania provides a safe environment in which kids can feel a greater sense of freedom – it’s a jungle of fun for the whole family!


At a kids play centre like Mundo Mania in Estepona, children have the freedom to explore and develop their creativity skills in a safe and secure environment. We always have fully qualified staff on hand to not only supervise, but to also offer creative sessions like arts and crafts activities that help build confidence and promote creativity. Our all-weather play centre allows children the breathing room for trial and error, allowing them to be themselves and learn along the way.

Cognitive Skills

Children start developing their cognitive skills as toddlers, learning about the world they live in and developing behaviours and responses accordingly – it’s a critical aspect of their lives. Spending time in a kids play centre, where they are all kinds of activities for kids, allows children to take in new sensory information and develop their ability to communicate and interact with the world around them. Each time a toddler feels a new material, or moves their body in a new way, they learn more about themselves and their environment. Even those who aren’t ready to use larger play equipment will benefit from observing the older children.

Whilst young children are excited to try new things, getting them involved in interacting and developing their emotional, physical, intellectual, and social skills at an early stage can help them on the path to becoming a bright individual as they get older. Why not start introducing your child to new sights, textures, people and more at Mundo Mania in Estepona?


We have so much on offer here at the Costa del Sol’s biggest indoor and outdoor play centre. In addition to our playframes, ball parks, trampoline park, climbing wall, table and floor games, multi-sports pitches and wet play area, we hold regular activities and events for kids of all ages. Our Baby Bounce & Rhyme Time, run by Chantelle at Baby Cakes Marbella, offers the perfect opportunity for parents to socialise with other mums and dads and let babies and toddlers get involved in singing, playing and interacting in a fun and safe environment. Our kids’ arts & crafts workshops, provide the perfect opportunity for budding artists to get messy and creative and throughout the year we run a host of different events, designed to provide kids with fun and memorable days out. Check out our events page for the most up to date happenings!

If you want to make a day of it, our Café and Bar offers a range of healthy and traditional meals and snacks for both kids and adults alike, so you can relax and enjoy whilst the kids go wild. Worried about your pennies right now? Don’t despair, our After School Offer means your child can enjoy a whole afternoon of fun for only 4€ (1 to 3 year olds) and 7€ (4 to 12 year olds) every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3pm to 8.30pm during school term time.

Take a look at our Opening Hours and arrange your visit to Mundo Mania today! We look forward to welcoming you to our world of fun for everyone!