Summer is all about fun -and safety!

With Covid-19 still a part of our lives, we know that many parents are actively working to keep their kids safe this summer by using masks and washing their hands frequently but what about other “normal” dangers that always pop up this time of year? With more time for play, higher temperatures and more independence, summer can be a potentially dangerous time for kids. Here’s some easy steps you can take to keep them safe:

Keeping Kids Safe in the Water

Cooling off by splashing around in water parks, at the beach, or in the pool is a great way to let kids have plenty of active fun this summer – great for their minds and their bodies! Always keep a close eye on them though, as even a small amount of water is a drowning risk, even for older kids or good swimmers. And although there is no evidence that suggests that Covid-19 can spread through water, other illnesses (most commonly ones that can cause upset tummies or ear, eye, or nose infections) can be. Keep your kids safe by making sure they rinse off before and after getting into the water and teach them to get out to use the toilet as often as they need to.

These are both good rules of thumb when visiting the kids’ water park at Mundo Mania too, but parents can also feel extra secure whilst here knowing that our water park has been specifically designed with kids’ safety in mind. Of course it’s chocker-full of fun with water shooters, bucket tippers, water hoops, fountains and more – everything a kid could possibly ask for in a fun day out this summer, but it also has an even, anti-slip floor that parents are looking for to keep their kids safe. We’ve also made sure there is plenty of seating around too (and with table-side service from our café and bar!) so the whole family can enjoy a full day out together!

Staying Safe in the Sun

Fresh air and active play are always a good combination, no matter what time of the year it is! In summer though, especially in Marbella, Estepona and elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, temperatures can rise to staggering heights so it’s important to practice sun safety. Avoid the sun during the hottest parts of the day (that’s usually from 3PM to 5PM) and when you do go outside, cover up as much as possible with a sun hat, sunglasses, long sleeve clothing, or -if all else fails, sunscreen with a high SPF. Pay careful attention to your ears, nose and tops of your feet which are often overlooked and easily burned and don’t forget to remind your kids to reapply sunscreen often, especially if they are sweating a lot or have gone swimming! Pay careful attention too, to playground equipment or toys that have been sitting in the sun as they could be hot and cause painful burns faster than you realize.

Here at Mundo Mania, we have both indoor and outdoor play facilities for kids of all ages so you and your kids can always stay cool and safe while spending a full day with us! A morning of active play on our outdoor sport pitches or trampoline park followed by an afternoon indoors running, jumping and sliding on our indoor playframes with double, triple and twister slides, climbing wall, ball pool, ramps, volcano, and funtronic interactive carpet, and finally some more outdoor play in our water park, sprinkled throughout with fun on our table games and tasty food, drinks, snacks and treats from our café and bar (and back and forth among them all as much as you want!) sounds like a perfect summer day to us, don’t you agree?

Giving Kids The Safe Independence They Want

Finally, we know that kids, no matter their age, always want their independence and giving them as much as possible is great for their mental health, but not for their safety, so we say why not find a happy balance between the two by letting your kids have free rein to run, jump and go wild within safe boundaries like those at Mundo Mania! Keep an eye on your little monkeys from our comfortable chairs in the sun or shade while they have complete independence to play on our indoor  playframes, multi-use sports pitches, trampoline park, and outdoor water park! They’ll be having so much independent fun, they’ll forget your ever-watchful eye keeping them safe all summer long!

Keep in mind that due to Covid-related capacity restrictions, all visitors to Mundo Mania, no matter the day, are required to reserve their place in advance. The good news though, is that this is easily done with nothing more than a phone call, email, whatsapp or text to our helpful reception desk! And once you have made your reservation, it’s yours for the entire day – arrive anytime you like and stay until closing (or until your kids pass out from too much fun and excitement!)

We can’t wait to see you soon for some Mundo Mania style (safe) summer fun!