How to keep safe in the sun

Vitamin D is essential for healthy growth and development, however in the heat of the summer it is important to protect your kids from the sun. Children’s skin is much more sensitive than adult skin and harmful rays increase the risk of skin cancer developing in later life.

As temperatures rise your kids will still want to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. There are 3 main ways to protect your children from the sun; shade, clothing and sunscreen.

We have done some research and put together a guide to help you to keep you and your kids safe whilst enjoying all the activities in the coast’s leading play centre.


The sun is at its most fierce in the early afternoon, so it is advised that you head for some shade during, these hours. It is however important to know that UV rays can go through some fabrics so even if you are sitting under an umbrella you still need to use other means of protection. With our indoor and outdoor activities for kids you can keep them safe by alternating from the soft play areas indoors to the outdoor splash zone and covered activity areas, including trampolines and sports pitches.


Lightweight, close-weave clothing can be worn to cover bare skin from the suns rays or there is sun protective clothing you can buy for outdoor play and water activities. The material has UV protection and gives you peace of mind when your kids are enjoying playing outdoors.

Essential clothing to have with you at all times is hats and sunglasses. Hats will cover their scalp and forehead completely and some are also designed to cover their ears and the back of their neck. Peaks and brims will also keep the sun out of their eyes. If your little ones won’t keep their hat on there are sprays on the market as an alternative.

Eyes are also vulnerable to the sun. Make sure you buy good quality sunglasses that fit well. Look out for the CE Mark and European Standard EN 1836:2005. As children’s pupils are naturally a little wider than adults, wearing sunglasses makes the pupils dilate to allow more, light in. It is therefore important not to put sunglasses on children all the time.


It is recommended that you use 50 SPF with UVA and UVB protection. Whether the creams are water resistant or once a day, it is still advised that you re-apply often. This particularly applies when using our wet play zone and water activities.

Most creams require 20-30 minutes to seep into the skin before it will block UV rays so make use of our kids activities inside before venturing outdoors. This way you can be sure that the cream is doing its job.

Store sun creams somewhere cool and check the expiry date. The active ingredients in sunscreens can lose their strength over time. It is advisable that you buy new every year.

Remember to also keep yourselves protected, which will also set a good example for your kids.

So come and enjoy a sun-safe and fun-filled day at Mundo Mania. With the plenty of kids activities to keep them entertained inside and out, you can benefit from the best of both worlds!



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