Preparing To Go Back To School

Going back to school this year is a big deal for students and parents alike. After a long quarantine period followed by a New Normal summer, it’s understandable that the idea of going back to school has everyone, both children and adults, feeling both more excited and more nervous than usual.  Traditional academic worries aside, the transition from online learning to in-person studies, as well as all the precautionary steps that will be in place to keep our kids safe, will all be an adjustment for every student, teacher, administrator, and parent. Here are some ways you can help prepare your family for school this year.

Prepare Mentally

Anxiety is a natural part of back to school time, more so this year, so help your child get excited instead of nervous about starting school again. Demonstrate excitement at the idea of learning new things, seeing their friends and meeting new people, but also don’t forget to allow your children to openly express their emotions, both good and bad, and be prepared to listen to them and address them so that they can be resolved.


Prepare Physically

For most kids, one of the most difficult aspects of going back to school is getting accustomed to the routines it requires. It’s a good idea to start your standard school routine a week or two before school starts so that your child can begin adjusting now. Consistent bedtimes and wake up times, as well as longer stretches of focused activity of your choosing are all great ways to get your child’s body physically ready for what will be required of it during the school year.

Don’t forget to start every day off right with a hearty breakfast so your children aren’t distracted by hunger while at school. Pack a healthy in-school snack for them, too, to boost their energy, mood, and immune system.


Staying Safe

There will be many new procedures in place at school this year, all designed to keep everyone safe. Before school starts, make sure your kids understand what will be expected of them and why it’s important to follow these new rules. Some rules you can expect and how you can prepare for them are:


  • Children 6 years and over will be required to wear a mask at school. You can help them adjust to this by enforcing the same rule at home as well as in public. Allow them to pick out their own mask so they are confident using it, make sure it fits well, and constantly remind them not to touch or adjust it.
  • It’s important to keep your hands clean and hand washing or hand sanitizing will be done frequently. Have a personal bottle of sanitizer in their backpack for your child to use whenever they like (encourage them to use it often, even if unprompted). A small bottle of hand lotion is helpful, too, as frequent hand washing can dry out their skin.
  • Do not send your children to school in clothing that has been worn more than once before being washed. If your children wear uniforms, make sure you have enough now for an entirely clean outfit every day or be prepared to do a daily load of laundry. Pinnies, which are traditionally left at school, should now be brought home and washed every day. Daily washing of masks (or a new, disposable mask every day) is absolutely essential.
  • Maintaining social distancing is an important part of staying safe and many rules will be in place to facilitate this. Discuss with your children how important these rules are to follow, especially during breaktime and during changeover of teachers when they will want to, but can’t, play with their classmates. Remind them that sharing food or drinks is also not allowed.


Compliment Learning with After School Activities at Mundo Manía

With all the new systems in place that will limit children physically and socially, not to mention the added stress that will occur because of it, it’s more important than ever that children of every age have the opportunity to move and play after school. A great way to do that is by bringing them to Mundo Manía! With huge indoor and outdoor spaces to run, jump, and play freely available to them, visiting our play centre will not only make them happy (and you the coolest parent ever!), you’ll be supporting their physical, mental, and emotional health. Let your little monkeys release their extra energy in our new magical wet play area, trampoline park, and multi-sports pitches, boosting their physical health but also giving them a much-needed distraction and adrenaline boost that their brains need for improved mental health, important in their social as well as academic lives.


Foam Parties!

Our popular foam parties will also still be running every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm – 2pm, where all our guests are invited to join us for some kid-friendly foamy fun, included in the cost of your standard admission.


Mundo Manía’s After School Offer

Join us after school at the coast’s largest play centre on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 3pm to 8:30pm at a discounted rate of only 3€ for kids 1-3 and 6€ for kids 4-12 where your little ones can enjoy an entire afternoon of fun, physical activity.


The Safest Place to Play

All our previous safety procedures are still in place, so you don’t have to worry about your children’s safety while they’re here. Our staff wear masks and gloves and capacity is limited both in the centre as well as on individual facilities, so entrance and party reservations are required. Sanitizer is available to use as you like and all our facilities are regularly cleaned. Guests are not required to wear masks unless in the reception or bar area, or are using the toilet.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information about all our facilities and offerings.  We look forward to seeing you soon!