Party Themes For Girls and Boys at Mundo Manía

It might be boasting, but we think Mundo Manía is the coast’s biggest and best place to have your kid’s birthday! With incredible ways to play, exciting entertainment, delicious food, and a multitude of party themes for all ages and tastes, we pride ourselves on making every birthday an event to remember!

What’s Included In Mundo Manía Party Packages?

We aim to make throwing your party stress-free. That’s why all our packages are designed to include everything needed to make your day special. All parties at Mundo Manía include party invitations, all-day use of all our available facilities like our famous wet play area, trampoline park, multi-sports pitches, table tennis, air hockey, and more, a range of delicious (but also nutritious) party food that kids and adults love, and a dedicated table, complete with decorations in your chosen theme. Additional party extras like bespoke décor, catering, or entertainers are all also available, just speak with our party planners to discuss your exact needs and vision – we’ll take care of the rest!


Party Themes

Having a birthday theme is what makes your birthday unique. So we’ve compiled a huge selection of party decorations by theme for you to choose from when you have you party with us. Our standard decorations are included in every party package, and set up and take down is always taken care of by our party planners, so you don’t have to lift a finger to have the best birthday ever. Some of our most popular party themes include:

  • Llamas: Think bright colours, cacti, Mexicana décor, and, of course, furry llamas for this theme. Naturally social creatures that live in herds seems like a pretty appropriate theme for a birthday celebration! Add a piñata for even more fun!
  • Harry Potter: Perfect for boys and girls’ parties, Harry Potter themes are a magical way to celebrate! How about using the sorting hat to put your guests into house teams and compete with each other on our multi-sports pitches?
  • Star Wars: If your Jedi has decided that they want a Star Wars party, we’ve got you covered! We can transform your party into the best one in the galaxy with some amazing bespoke decorations!
  • Mermaids: Mermaid themes are all about the sparkle! Plenty of glittery, iridescent decorations in sea greens and blues and pastel pinks and purples. Consider hiring our glitter tattoo artist to join the party and help transform your guests into mermaids themselves!
  • Unicorns: As beautiful as they are whimsical, unicorn party themes are a great excuse for party hats and table décor in soft pastel hues. Why not add a cotton candy machine to your party package and make the day truly magical?
  • Superhero: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s the best birthday ever! Make capes and fly around our 20,000 square-foot play centre to celebrate your birthday this year!
  • Minnie Mouse: Pink, black, spots, and bows abound at a Minnie Mouse party! Encourage all your guests to arrive wearing bows in their hair for a fun twist.
  • Princess: Gold and pink is the classic colour choice for this party theme, but we can customize it to your princess’ favourite colours, too! A special guest appearance by your favourite princess would give your birthday girl the royal treatment!
  • LOL: Bright, colourful, and full of fun is the best way to describe an LOL party! Plenty of confetti, glitter, and smiles all around make for an amazing way to celebrate!
  • Dinosaurs: Jungle décor make for some Jurassic-sized fun at these parties! And if your guests have a ferocious appetite, our chef can prepare all their favourite foods in unlimited supply!
  • Transformers: Cars and trucks but with a robotic twist! For something extra special, transform your party into a pizza party where guests can make their own party food!
  • Flamingos: When we think of flamingos, hot pink, tropical, summertime all come to mind, but a flamingo party is a great theme for any time of the year! Bring the summer vibe alive all year long with this quirky theme!
  • Boho Chic: Perfect for older kids, a boho chic party sets a cool, chilled-out mood that’s a bit more sophisticated, but still just as much fun. Nature inspires this theme, so a green colour pallete and florals add the dreamy element you’re looking for.
  • Paw Patrol: Red and blue to the rescue! Our party planners can save the day and make your Paw Patrol theme perfect without you having to do a thing!

These are just a small sampling of the party themes Mundo Manía can offer! If you are looking for something different, or have specific ideas in mind for your next party, give our party planners a call to discuss them – we are always happy to customize any and all themes, the sky’s the limit!

To find more information about our incredible party packages visit our website or contact our party planner directly via WhatsApp at (+34) 612 555 329.

Mundo Manía – we take are of the preparation, you enjoy the celebration!