Outdoor Kids Activities Estepona to Marbella

The best outdoor activities for kids in Marbella and Estepona

We’re in Spring now and with the longer days and better weather, there are plenty of opportunities to be outdoors. Kids benefit enormously from playing outdoors, as this article reminds us. Among the numerous benefits it points out that kids are more physically active when they play outside, which has health benefits and they also absorb more Vitamin D. They also learn independence, social skills, creativity and the art of exploration, which also involves learning through play. Moreover, common sense tells us that it is better for youngsters to be active outdoors than indoors glued to a screen!

Mundo Mania has some of the best outdoor facilities for kids and we take safety very seriously as well. The outdoor play area has been designed to provide a multitude of active play experiences for kids, and we have carefully balanced safety concerns with the need for children to learn through the fun of play.

Kids Activities Marbella to Estepona

Splashing about at Mundo Mania

Thanks to Spain’s abundance of sunshine, our outdoor water park is a big hit with the kids. This water zone is filled with lots of fun water jets that encourage kids to splash around in them for hours. We’d just advise parents to bring towels and perhaps a change of clothes when coming to play in this zone.


For children aged 4+, we have a trampoline park consisting of 3 large trampolines which they can bounce up and down on. Please remember all children must wear socks on the trampolines for hygiene reasons. It’s a great way to tire them out and keep them fit as well. For keen footballers, there are two multi-sports pitches that are perfect for a game of 5 a side.

Time out for adults at Mundo Mania

We also have a play area dedicated to toddlers, so they too can have fun outdoors. We haven’t forgotten the adults either: there is a café/bar area serving restaurant-quality food, and it is positioned so you can enjoy the scenic views of the sea and mountains whilst also keeping an eye on your little ones. Mundo Mania aims to be as relaxing for parents as it is exciting for the kids.

Super Saturdays at Mundo Mania

From May onwards we have lined up a series of new outdoor kids events and activities that will make Saturdays even more fun. These won’t cost you anything extra – standard fees apply.

Foam Parties – who doesn’t love these, and what better way to spend a Saturday than watching your kids enjoy some foamy fun!

There will also be a water slide combined with pool for endless sliding and splashing excitement, plus a series of themed bouncy castles, such as one where they can play the Gladiators game, and another where they can test their Wipe Out and Ninja Warrior skills.

It’s going to be a fun summer outdoors at Mundo Mania! And when its time to wind down a bit, they can come to our indoor play area and prolong the fun.

Come and join us for some exciting and healthy outdoor fun at Mundo Mania Estepona –Marbella. It’s the Costa del Sol’s leading play and party centre, and the place where kids always have fun.