Mundo Mania’s Magic Carpet

You’d better believe it; Mundo Mania has got itself a magic carpet! And it’s going to provide hours and hours of fun indoor activities for kids on the Costa del Sol, especially during the colder weather.

This interactive floor projection system is made by Funtronic, and it is designed for exercises, games and all motion-based activities. It also provides multimedia content intended for children of pre-school and school age levels.

How does the Funtronic floor it work?

The manufacturer, Funtronic explains the thinking behind this innovative resource: “It is a method which strengthens other educational methods through usage of new technologies in combination with traditional educational methods of teaching. Funtronic uses the natural need for fun and “right effect” in learning which means that it strengthens the positive impact after the child has completed the task or game. Furthermore it directs the attention of the child to educational content through stimulating the senses of sight, hearing and system of praise (by using sounds and pictures).”

It has already proved popular with a number of schools for learning through play, and we thought, why not offer the same opportunity to the children who come to Mundo Mania. Interactive games for kids have a powerful and positive effect, and we believe that learning at a kids’ play park is a valuable addition to the teaching they receive in school.

If you’d like to watch a video made by Funtronic that shows what the Magic Carpet can do, just follow this link.

Over 400 interactive games

There are over 400 games for kids to choose from. The games capture kid’s attention and offer positive reinforcement through sounds and images. They also encourage feedback in the form of praise and applause. For example, the game Associations, challenges kids to identify the correct combination of different elements – images, numbers or words – and awards them with points when they select the right answer. The game Ships tests kids’ knowledge of these subjects, challenging them to sink enemy ships by giving correct answers, while the game Football uses quiz questions to test players’ knowledge, speed and decision-making skills and awards them with points for every correct answer. Most importantly, all the games require the kids to engage in physical movement in order to score points.

The Mundo Mania team believe its new Magic Carpet is going to be a big hit with the kids, and that it adds a new dimension to kids indoor play providing even more kids activities in Estepona and Marbella. Make sure you come to the Costa del Sol’s leading kids indoor play facility at Mundo Mania and keep them active and entertained all year round.