Lockdown Activities For Kids


We know how frustrating it is during this lockdown period and here at Mundo Mania, the coast’s leading kids play and party centre in Estepona, we miss you all! To show you we are still thinking about you, we’ve put together some activity ideas to help you keep the kids amused at home. Our first activity is cooking!

Kids are great helpers in the kitchen and getting them involved in the daily task of preparing meals can not only be a fun way to spend time together, it also has plenty of “hidden” benefits!

Increase Language Learning

Discussing ingredients, flavours and instructions and reading recipes and labels are great ways to boost language development in younger kids. Have your older kids read a recipe to you as you cook or have your little ones point out the numbers they can see on your recipe cards.

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Mixing and pouring ingredients, rolling dough, using cookie cutters…they all help your child develop and improve their fine motor skills.  For added benefit, encourage your kids to do some cooking activities fast and others with exaggerated slowness.

Encourages Math Skills

Measuring inherently teaches fractions, addition, subtraction, even if they’re too little to work with numbers! Just watching mom or dad measure out ingredients develops the critical thinking skills they’ll need later on in maths class.

Explore Science

Cooking –especially baking, is a very scientific endeavor. Chemical reactions when we mix particular ingredients together (yeast and warm water, for example), and cause and effect (mis-measuring the salt in a cookie recipe results in no-so-tasty treats) are common science ‘experiments’ that can be observed just by doing daily cooking!

Increases Focus

Concentration and focus are needed in order to follow a recipe from start to finish. While it may not be the easiest task, especially at first or for younger kids, letting your children participate for as long as they can maintain focus is a great way to build their capacity for more.

Builds Life Skills

Cooking isn’t a purely academic task, it’s something your kids will need to learn and use in their daily lives when they get older. It’s a practical skill they can start gaining confidence and a love for early on by getting to spend time in the kitchen with one of their best friends – you!

Encourages Healthy Eating

Kids are much more likely to eat the fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious meals you give them if they have a hand in making it.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Being able to prepare a meal from start to finish is a complicated task and the sense of accomplishment a kid can get from achieving it is a real boost to their self-esteem. Giving your kids more and more independence in the kitchen as they get older and more apt at cooking results in more pride in their ability (and maybe someday breakfast in bed for you!)

Ready to get started cooking with you kids? You can always make your home’s favourite meals and pass down family recipes, but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve gathered some easy recipe collections for you to explore. Don’t forget to get your kids involved in the decision of what to make!

Mundo Manía is dedicated to providing a world of fun for kids and their parents, even when our doors must remain closed. We’re still taking bookings for summer birthday parties though, so why not make yours a pizza-making party?

From Milo and the Mundo Mania Team, stay safe and happy cooking!