Kids Party Themes 2019

Kid’s Party Themes 2019 at Mundo Mania

Adults love a themed party, so why should kids be any different?

Best birthday party venue on the Costa del Sol

Mundo Mania has quickly become the best birthday party venue on the Costa del Sol. It is located between Cancelada and Estepona and serves children all along the coast. Our themed parties have been one of the biggest hits with children and parents, which is why this year we have decided to expand our selection of kids’ party themes, making planning your kid’s birthday party even easier.

Old themes are still popular

Of course, bringing in the new doesn’t mean that we are throwing out the old themes; they remain popular. The Unicorn themed party is still available, and if you haven’t heard already, 2018 was the Year of the Unicorn party!  We’ve also still got the Disney Princesses, the Super Heroes, Paw Patrol and Football themes as well as plenty of others. If your kids have attended any of their friends’ themed parties at Mundo Mania, you’ll already know just how much kids love them, and why booking a birthday party at Mundo Mania is what we like to think of as “stress-free party planning.”

New birthday party themes for 2019

We’d like to hear from you what new party themes you would like us to add for 2019. What would your child love most this year? Perhaps a Llama-rama party, which is fast becoming the ‘Unicorn’ of 2019. It’s a rising star in interior design circles, and the popularity of the camel’s cousin looks set to soar in 2019 and beyond. Or maybe you’d like a Mermaid party, also set to make a splash 2019, as well as Frozen parties with the release of Frozen II. And lets not forget that Toy Story 4 is being released this year so perhaps you’d like a Toy Story themed party with Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie. As a leading play and party centre in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, our aim is to provide your children with all that their hearts desire for their birthday, so please get in touch and let us know what party themes you’d love this year! Together we can make sure your kid’s have a party to remember!

No fuss, no hassle birthday parties

All the fun without the hassle! That’s what we offer parents, so they can actually enjoy their kid’s party, just as much as the small guests.  Mundo Manía provides everything you need for a really great kids party in Estepona without all the fuss. Our friendly and helpful party planners will help you create a truly wonderful kid’s party. They will take you through all the party packages, themes and extras we offer, so you can tailor make your child’s birthday party to meet your specific needs.

Mundo Mania is truly the ideal birthday party venue for kids in Estepona and Marbella – book online now or CONTACT US for more information about our birthday parties at the Mundo Mania indoor and outdoor play centre.


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