Is it a bird?… Is it a plane? No… it’s Mundo Mania!

Superheroes come in a lot of shapes and sizes these days. Healthcare workers, frontline workers, scientists, teachers, parents…in today’s new normal world, a lot of people are taking on a lot in the fight against Covid-19. But what about the classic superheroes we know and love? How would their superpowers stack up in the fight? For a fun take on a serious topic, we’ve decided to do a bit of research on our favorite superheroes and rank them from the most to the least vulnerable against Covid-19:

  • The Hulk: Bruce Banner is a smart guy, but when he transforms into the hulk, he has no self control, meaning he won’t follow the safety guidelines needed to protected himself from Covid-19. Plus, we’re pretty sure one of the first things he’d do is rip off his mask.
  • Thor: From another world altogether, Thor is constantly travelling to distant planets, which not only makes him susceptible to Covid-19, it could also make him a super spreader. Yikes.
  • Wonder Woman: With a whip as her weapon of choice, Wonder Woman could pretty easily keep a safe distance from others. We’d feel better if she wore a mask, though.
  • Batman: A natural loner, Batman is great at self-isolating, but his mask is pretty useless since it only covers his eyes and nose but not his mouth. Good, but not great.
  • Black Panther: Finally, a mask! He also has heightened senses, which may or may not extend to detecting Covid-19, a great potential bonus. His preference to hand-to-hand combat, though, means social distancing is not something he’s good at.
  • Spiderman: With a mask and a suit most recently made by Iron Man’s own Stark Enterprises, there’s a good chance that Spiderman’s clothes are Covid-19 proof. Now if he would only wear it 24/7 we assume he’d be pretty invulnerable to the disease.
  • Ant Man: With a metal mask and the ability to shrink smaller than one of its dangerous particles, we’re pretty confident that Ant Man can protect himself well against Covid-19.
  • Iron Man: With the world’s best technology at his fingertips, Tony Stark, i.e. Iron Man, could fight a good fight against Covid-19 not only for himself, but for everyone in the world too. We bet he would be the one to perfect the vaccine, too!


What’s your superpower?

Super strength, x-ray vision, immortality, mind reading, teleportation, flying…Superheroes in comics and movies have so many incredible superpowers that, if you’re anything like us, we have all longed to have at one time or another. Here at Mundo Mania, though, we firmly believe that those aren’t the only -or even the best, superpowers to have. Everyone, adults and kids alike, are superheroes in their own right, with special abilities and talents that deserve praise and recognition. What’s yours?

Super People at Mundo Mania

Mundo Mania is full of super people dedicated to making your visit to our indoor and outdoor play centre the best day ever. Our designers built safe play structures full of exciting ways to move and play, a magical wet play area, fun multi-sports pitches, trampoline park, games tables, ball pits, slides, and more to offer kids some of the coast’s best ways to play! Friendly staff that create, make, and serve incredible meals and snacks, and kid-focused entertainers at our on-going activities and events all year long keep everyone happy. Super people: it’s our superpower.

Unbeatable Parties at Mundo Mania

With all we offer, it would be hard to find a better place than Mundo Mania to have your kid’s next birthday party. Our super party planners take care of every detail from start to finish so all you need to do is show up and have a great time! We’ll provide the invitations and set-up and clean-up of dedicated party rooms, specially-designed party food for both kids and adults, and custom decorations in a range of themes that any birthday boy or girl would love. Not to mention all-access passes to our play facilities, bespoke entertainment, and more. Trust us, letting them have their next birthday party at Mundo Mania is sure to make you a superhero in your kids’ eyes!

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Mundo Mania is currently closed due to local government Covid-19 regulations but we hope to open soon and are super excited to start planning some of the greatest events and parties in the known universe. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest details!