How To Make Your Kids LOVE Going Back To School

It’s that time of year again – the time that kids’ dread, while parents are doing a little jump for joy. Oh, yes, it’s back to school time again. Are you doing anything special to mark the occasion? If not, maybe you should! Making back to school an exciting and memorable event instead of a dreaded must-do is a great way to set your kids up for school success this year! After all, kids that wake up excited about what their next school day will bring, enjoy learning, and feel positive about themselves and their learning environment are much more prone to positive short and long-term academic success. Getting your kids just as excited about returning to school as you can be easier than you think, too. Here are some of our favourite ideas for creating some great memories with your kids while building them up for school success this year:

Throw a Back to School Party

Start the school year off with a bang with a back to school party! A few balloons (in their school colours?), some back-to-school themed food and activities, and a bit of music can go a long way to build up excitement for the school year! Better still, get a few parents together and plan something for the whole class to make friends and school time even more exciting and memorable.

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Make School Supplies Exciting

Pencils, rubbers, and rulers are all essential back-to-school supplies, but while you’re out getting the basics, let your kids pick out one or two extra-special items that they can’t wait to use this coming school year. It can be as simple as a cool pencil as long as it’s something that’ll get them itching to get back into the classroom to use! If you can, let them choose something new every month throughout the year to keep their excitement levels up all the way to July!

Pick a Personality-Packed Back-to-School Outfit

One new outfit to wear on the first day of school that’s entirely their choosing can get even the surliest of kids (especially teens and pre-teens!) itching to get back to school and show if off. Do your kids wear uniforms? That’s ok, too! Depending on your school’s dress code, let them pick out a backpack, book covers, makeup item, piece of jewelery, watch, phone case, or other fun accessory that let’s them show off their personality. Strict dress code? A new outfit that they get to change into at home after school on their first day can be just as exciting, too!

Feed Them!

Food goes a long way with kids, no matter their age or their attitude. Why not surprise them with an extra-special snack on their first day of their school? You can let them help you pick out their favourite treats or keep it a secret for a quick and easy mood booster mid-way through their first day back. Some pointers to keep in mind: Opt for a bigger snack than usual for a while (they’ll be extra-hungry while they get re-accustomed to using their brain power in a classroom setting) and include plenty of protein to keep them full all morning. Go ahead and give them something sweet too – it’ll not only give them that excitement you’re aiming for, the boost of energy sugar can bring will help keep them from slumping while they get used to a school schedule again.

Memorable Moments

Going to school doesn’t mean that summer fun has to end! Remind your kids of that with a fun outing “just because” throughout the year. Plan a Saturday beach trip just like you’d do during the summer months, have a summertime barbecue mid-winter, go out for pizza (or their favourite meal) for dinner, go out for an ice cream, hold a sleepover or movie night at home, go for a hike or bike ride together…the possibilities are endless! A mid-week afternoon at Mundo Mania play centre in Estepona is a great option all year long, too! Mundo Mania offers a safe place to make new friends and release extra energy and pent-up kiddie stress that can come hand in hand with the school year.

Keep in mind, too, that there’s always something fun going on at Mundo Mania with themed events, kids’ activities and parties all year long, so make sure you’re checking our social media pages to stay up-to-date with all the exciting kids events we’ll be putting on! October is not far away now, so kids can even start getting excited about our spooktacular Halloween parties!