How to choose the perfect venue for your kid’s birthday party

Kids’ parties are big occasions. From the moment children turn one, parents want to celebrate their child’s milestones, but choosing the venue and organising the party can also be a major headache, as many parents will tell you.

Mundo Mania puts the ‘celebration’ back into your children’s parties; you’ll have no more stress when you choose our private party room. But, some thought is still required about the perfect party for each child.


Selecting the perfect party for your child

Parties in the early years are relatively simple, but once they begin school it becomes a whole different ball game, with the emphasis shifting on kid-focused activities, rather than entertaining their parents.


Active children

If they love to run, climb or jump then a ticket into Mundo Mania will be ideal. If they love kicking balls, consider hiring the sports pitch for a kick around plus coaching from an instructor. If they are game players then the wide range of games in the teen-zone will spark competition among friends.


Get the party time right

Plan the party time for a time in the day when your child is most active and then seek out a venue that has availability for that timeframe.


No hidden costs

At Mundo Mania our party packages include party room hire or a table reservation, food and drinks, plus basic decorations, including a tablecloth, party plates and cups. You’ll also get free printable invitations, plus the birthday boy or girl gets a free month’s pass and all adults go free. All other extras will incur additional charges.


All-inclusive packages save time

An all-inclusive package means everything is covered. From ordering the food, to hosting the activity and providing the birthday cake and goodie bags, as well as, most importantly, cleaning up the mess. However, if you want to bring your own cake and goodie bags to Mundo Mania, you can do that as well.


Do you want a themed party?

Themed parties are popular with older kids, and Mundo Mania has a great selection of themes for you to choose from. Selecting one of these is less stressful than choosing something completely new, but as always, what the parents and children want is most important and we’ll do our utmost to make it happen.


A convenient location

Often your child’s party guests are from school, so choosing a venue close to their school means parents are more likely to it. Mundo Mania is well located for families from both Estepona and Marbella, and its location is well known, so it’s easy to find.


Mundo Mania Party Packages

In addition to private room hire and table reservations, Mundo Mania offers a number of packages to choose from and they all come with an added bonus of a one month’s free pass for the birthday boy or girl.

Also, we have indoor and outdoor play areas, so if there’s rain, the party can be moved indoors. There’s no need for panic stations, or for the party to be cancelled!

And, because you will have the responsibility of looking after other children within that timeframe, you can be rest assured that Mundo Mania is safe environment for kids, and our friendly and helpful staff will be there to assist you.


Mundo Mania really is the ideal venue for kids’ parties in Estepona and Marbella! Check out our parties page or contact us now so we can help you arrange the next bigger and better birthday bash for your little star!