Fun Family Activities in Estepona

In light of current lockdown restrictions, especially when it comes to travel, it’s not easy keeping your family entertained. But if you live in Estepona don’t be disheartened – there are lots of fun family activities you can do right here!

kids activities costa del solBeachcombing

Winter weather in Estepona is mild (one of the many reasons we love living here!) but that doesn’t mean a storm or two doesn’t pass us by every now and again. A day or two of heavy rain and wind may keep up trapped indoors for a short time, but once the skies clear, there’s a lot of incredible finds to unearth along the sandy shores! Go for a walk on the beach and collect shells, sea glass, driftwood, and more that have washed up onto the shore. These are perfect objects with which to make fun and quirky crafts at home. Check out Pinterest for some great creative beach craft ideas.

Civics in Action

Having a pre-spring clear-out of closets, toy boxes, and cupboards to donate unused or unneeded items to local charities or other local families in need is a great family activity that not only helps get your home clean and organized, it offers kids the chance to take an active role in making the Estepona community a better place to live, while teaching them important life lessons in kindness, generosity, and civics.

Exercise Together

Exercise is as important for kids as it is for parents, so why not get in some family exercise time together? Something as simple as a family walk or bike ride along the new Estepona promenade, a kick-about in the park, or a walk by the river can do wonders for the mind as well as the body for kids and adults alike! If you need to stay indoors, there’s also plenty of family-friendly exercise routines to be found on Youtube, or just turn on your favourite music (or let the kids pick theirs!) and have a fun unstructured dance party in the living room!

Discover Estepona’s Murals

Have you seen all of Estepona’s amazing city-wide murals? There’s so many (50 and counting!), checking all of them off your list is not an easy feat but a great one to try as a family! Have the kids do a bit of online research to find them all, then see if you can find them in person during a daily stroll around town! For even more fun, take a photo and have your kids recreate the mural using their favourite art media at home (paint, crayons, paper collage, digital art…the sky’s the limit!) or how about having your little Picasso draw their own mural idea and submit it to Estepona town hall for consideration as the next great piece of art to decorate this beautiful city?

Estepona is an incredible place to live and raise kids, with lots of family activities in and about our beautiful municipality! That’s why Mundo Mania, one of the biggest and best kids play centres on the Costa del Sol, is also happy to call Estepona home. We are currently closed due to Covid restrictions, but hope to be open in the Spring with tons of fun to be had in our kids’ ballparks, trampoline park, water park, and more – not to mention our incredible events, delicious food, and the best birthday parties around, so keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest updates!