Christmas is coming to Mundo Manía!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! It is a special time for family and loved ones to spend time with each other, taking the time to relax and have fun while making lots of happy memories. What is more, the kids will be getting excited about the prospect of Santa Claus coming, and counting down the days until the magical day arrives.


It is a time when we love to see towns and cities being decorated with twinkling lights, glitter balls and festive garlands and wreaths to make it merry and bright. This tradition goes back to the Romans who used to decorate homes and temples during festivals and we continue the custom by decorating streets, store windows and setting up Nativity scenes. Did you know that the Christmas wreath represents everlasting life and that red holly berries are thought to represent Christ’s blood?


The Christmas tree is another really important part of Christmas decorations. The use of the Christmas tree began early in the 17th century, in Strasbourg, France, spreading from there through Germany and then into northern Europe and some say that it represents the tree in the Garden of Eden. It is of course the place where presents are left. The idea of Christmas gifts stems from the visit of the Three Kings with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the baby Jesus, and then there was Saint Nicholas, who was another gift giver and source of the idea of giving presents at this time of year.


Children at local schools are already rehearsing Christmas songs to perform to an audience of parents at the end of term, and music has always played an important role in the festivities across all European countries. Add in the scent of pine, candlelight and the heady smell of cinnamon in mulled wine and you have the basic ingredients of Christmas celebrations.


We invite you to join us for activities and fun at Mundo Mania in lead up to Christmas. Come and browse the many stalls at our Christmas market, get creative at our Christmas craft sessions, where you can decorate yummy biscuits, make your very own Christmas hats, and turn plates into the perfect place to leave a minced pie and carrot for Santa and his reindeer Rudolph. And, of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to Santa’s Grotto! So if your kids have been good this year, book their slot with Santa – maybe you’ll even get some clues as to what they want for Christmas!


With good food, good company, and a great venue for kids to play and enjoy, we look forward to seeing you for lots of Christmas cheer.


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