Christmas crafts and indoor fun at Mundo Mania

Mundo Mania is the Costa del Sol’s leading indoor play centre for kids, something like we’d like to highlight at a time of year when it’s becoming too cold for extended outdoor play. And with Christmas coming, it also means that kids are on holiday, so keeping them entertained is a top priority for parents.

Indoors we have a brand new and very exciting Magic Carpet, which provides interactive activities that encourage learning as well as physical activity. With 400 games to choose from, kids have plenty of fun activities to choose from, and every one of the games includes getting the kids moving.

Our indoor climbing frame has also proved extremely popular, and again this is somewhere the kids can work off that excess energy, whilst there is also the ball park and trampolines for running and bouncing around. If your kids are showing signs of ‘cabin fever’ by being at home all day, or spending too much time in front of the television, or on games consoles, then Mundo Mania has all the indoor play facilities they could wish for.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

However, there are times when instead of running around, kids prefer some quieter activities, such as crafts. At Mundo Mania indoor play park, we have always promoted craft activities, so we thought we’d provide our readers with some ideas for Christmas-themed crafts.

Lolly Stick Characters

Kids will enjoy making some Christmas paddle pop stick characters for your Christmas tree with lolly sticks, googly eyes and felt. There are so many characters for them to choose from, whether based on TV shows or straight from their imagination.

Owl and reindeer baubles

Have fun decorating plain Christmas baubles and add features to make these Owl baubles for the Christmas tree. Alternatively, kids will enjoy making these personalised reindeer baubles to give to teachers, friends and family, which use their own thumb print.

A pasta wreath

Dried pasta is inexpensive and is a very useful craft material. All kids have to do is add glitter and colour to your uncooked pasta to make this very simple pasta wreath. It can also be used to make Christmas cards and gift tags.

Christmas tree paper chain

Sometimes the old ones are the best, and many parents will remember making paper chain decorations when at school. Paper chains are so easy and fun to make, and to make this Christmas tree, all kids have to do is cut green and red strips of paper and assemble them in the shape of a tree, using the picture at the link as a guide.

We look forward to seeing you all at Mundo Mania over Christmas and New Year – as the Costa del Sol’s leading indoor play centre and activity park, we always have your children’s entertainment at the forefront of our minds.