Christmas Cooking For Kids

Christmas holidays are right around the corner and if you, like most parents, are on the lookout for ways to keep your kids’ entertained all through this winter break, you have come to the right spot!

At Mundo Manía, our Christmas workshops always include cooking activities because cooking is a great way for kids to gain valuable skills in a fun way! From motor skills to cognitive skills, language development, everyday maths, reading, creativity, focus and more, cooking is perhaps one of the best activities you and your kids can take part in together this Christmas. Plus, with all the chaos that the holidays can sometimes bring, cooking has been shown to be a great relaxer to both kids and adults!

Although we’re rather sad that we can’t host our usual Christmas cooking events at Mundo Manía this year due to being closed, we know that many parents will be creating their own at home, so we have put together some classic recipe ideas for little hands to have fun with, as well as a few unique ones for the adventurous cooks out there this Christmas break! So grab your aprons and get cooking with these fun, kid-friendly ideas for healthy holiday meals, snacks and sweet treats!

No-Bake Christmas Recipes for Kids

For the littlest of cooks, or for any kids that aren’t yet comfortable using an oven, no bake holiday snacks and desserts still provide all the benefits of cooking and are a ton of fun! Find some delicious but healthy no bake holiday snacks here! Or, if you’re looking for a no-bake holiday treat, discover a wealth of sweet recipes at The Recipe Rebel! Some recipes will still require the use of a stove top or microwave, though, so parents should always be on hand to supervise.

Spanish version:

Christmas Dinner Recipes for the Whole Family

A big family meal is a staple in many homes at Christmas, so why not let your kids take part in the planning and creating of it too? Browse recipes together for inspiration, let your kids (and yourself!) practice a few new ones this year and choose your favourites to include at Christmas dinner -or even for your New Year’s Eve celebratory meal! Looking for some inspiration? Great British Chefs has a plethora of Christmas dinner ideas to suit every age and palate!

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Make-Ahead Christmas Morning Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Christmas morning is no exception! Start the best day of the year in the best way possible with a delicious breakfast or brunch prepared by the kids! Make ahead recipes like these are perfect for little chefs because they still get to eat yummy foods on Christmas morning without sacrificing their gift-opening and playing with new toys time!

Spanish version: (not just breakfast!)

Christmas Cookies Recipes

Getting the right Christmas cookie on Santa’s plate is a sure way to get on the nice list! Will you go for a classic sugar cookie or something different? Why not let your kids try their hand at a few and share an assortment of Christmas cookies with friends, family, or neighbours? Delish is a great resource to discover some great Christmas cookie recipes that everyone (including Santa!) will be sure to appreciate!

Spanish version:

Family Traditions

If your family, religion, or culture has specific holiday food traditions, getting the kids involved in making them is a great way to keep the tradition alive. And if there’s no set traditions in your home just yet, why not let this year be the one to start a new tradition by making a new yummy Christmas dish together, complete with some fantastic memories in the kitchen with your kids?

Cooking with kids this holiday season is a fun, exciting, delicious experience for kids and adults alike! What will you and your kids make this year together?

Don’t forget to send us an invitation to your cooking fun by tagging Mundo Manía in your Christmas cooking photos on Facebook or Instagram! As the coast’s leading kids’ play and party centre, we’d love to hear from you and hope to see you soon in the New Year!