Celebrate World Children’s Day With Fun From Around The World!

In honour of the 1954 Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, both adopted by the United Nations on November 20, this date has officially been declared as World Children’s Day and is a worldwide holiday to mark and celebrate togetherness and advocate and promote child welfare worldwide.

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A World of Fun

As the biggest and best kids play centre on the coast, Mundo Mania has always been proud to offer a world of fun for everyone with indoor and outdoor play structures, wet play area, incredible parties, events, food, games, activities, trampoline park, and more.  We love that the Costa del Sol is such a diverse area and love getting to know all the kids that visit us, so in honour of World Children’s Day, we have decided to take a look at some of the popular toys, games, activities, and traditions that kids enjoy from cultures around the world.

Pass the Parcel – United Kingdom

Great to play indoors or outdoors, pass the parcel is a game where a prize (gift) is wrapped in multiple layers of different coloured paper. Usually each layer is wrapped in a different design so they can be easily distinguished. Smaller prizes are often placed between some or all of the other layers. Players then sit in a circle and music is played whilst the parcel is passed around. When the music stops, the person holding the ‘parcel’ gets to unwrap one layer. This is repeated until the final layer is opened, revealing the prize. The child holding the gift then gets to keep it.

Luto de Galo – Brazil

In Brazil, the luto de galo (rooster fight) is a game played by two children (or more, taking turns). Each child tucks a handkerchief into their trousers waistband so that it’s hanging out, and stands on one foot facing the other child. (If you put your foot down, you are disqualified). They cross their right arms over their bodies (if you use your right hand you are disqualified) and, hopping, must try to pull the handkerchief from their opponent’s trousers.

Losing Teeth Traditions in Greece (and Korea and Vietnam)

When you lose a tooth in Greece, it’s not left under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy or Ratoncito Peréz. It’s thrown onto the roof of your house for good luck!

Wooden Toys – Poland & Italy

Traditional toys from Poland and Italy are made of wood and might include animals, dolls, balls, or more. They can be made simple or elaborate but are typically brightly coloured to bring joy and spark the imagination.

Catch the Dragon’s Tail – China

Larger groups of children (about 10 people) form a line with their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them. The first person in line is the head of the dragon and the last person is the tail. The ‘head’ must then try and catch the ‘tail’ while everyone in the middle moves and swerves to try and stop them. No letting go of the person in front of you, though!

Duck, Duck, Goose! – United States

In the USA, kids often play a game called duck, duck, goose, where all the kids playing, except for one –the goose, sit in a circle. The ‘goose’ walks around the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head saying “duck…duck…duck…” for as long as they like, eventually tapping one child of their choice on the head and shouting “goose!” They must then run around the circle one complete time to sit down in that child’s spot before they are caught by the new ‘goose’ they have just chosen.

Tet – Vietnam

Everyone celebrates their birthday on the same day in Vietnam – New Year’s Day (Tet). And no matter when you were born, you get a year older on Tet. A typical gift to give any child on this day is a red envelope with lucky money inside.

Why not try one of these traditions with your kids this World Children’s Day to help them learn about new cultures and make this international holiday one to remember?

If you are looking to celebrate your kid’s birthday with us here at Mundo Mania, we would be more than happy to incorporate some international games like these into the festivities! As the best kid’s party venue in Estepona, Marbella and beyond we are looking to find new ways to make your kid’s birthday party one they will never forget!