Carnival comes to Mundo Mania

Carnival comes to Mundo Mania

The annual Carnival in Spain, which takes place in the week leading up to Lent, is a typically happy festival, enjoyed by young and old alike. It’s an opportunity for partying before the period of Lent starts, when historically people give up things like sweets as a way of preparing for Semana Santa or Easter.

Spain hosts some of the wildest carnivals in the world, although more people may be familiar with the carnivals in Venice and Rio de Janeiro. In Spain, the Canary Islands, Cadiz and Sitges are where you’ll find the most outrageous celebrations, but that doesn’t mean the others are dull; Estepona and Marbella put on fun carnival parades that include the typical features of the festivity, such as dressing up in extravagant costumes and wearing masks, while clowns and comedians entertain the crowds.

Carnival 2019 in Estepona
This year Mundo Mania will be providing children from the youngest years to those in their teens, as well as their families, with a fantastic carnival event. The official Estepona carnival in 2019 is being held from 10th to 11th February and Mundo Mania is kick-starting it with its own carnival festivities on Friday, 8th February from 5pm until 8pm.

Mundo Mania carnival activities
What fun have we got in store for all the family? There is a fancy dress competition with superb prizes, plus face painting that never fails to please the younger kids, who can choose what animal or character they want to look like. The Party Team will be bringing their team of party entertainers, all dressed in costumes to entertain the kids with games and dancing. What’s more, you’ll also be able to buy popcorn and candyfloss; a real treat!

Sun or rain, Mundo Mania has carnival covered
The Mundo Mania Carnival night means everyone can still enjoy the carnival events in Estepona, Cancelada, San Pedro or Malaga, or wherever you come from on the Costa del Sol, over the weekend. Moreover, because Mundo Mania is an all-weather venue, it won’t matter if the sun is shining or it’s raining. If it’s wet the kids can enjoy the carnival festivities indoors, and if it’s warm and dry enough to go outside, then Mundo Mania has that covered as well.

Your kids are going to love carnival at Mundo Mania, and we bet that all the parents have a great time as well. We hope to see you at Mundo Mania on 8th February from 5 pm onwards. Normal entry fees apply; there’s no extra cost for enjoying one of Spain’s most exciting festivals!