Active Kids Make Happy & Healthy Kids

Kids need to be active every day for healthy growth and development. However there are so many other reasons and benefits to an active lifestyle too.

We all know that active kids makes for stronger bones, muscles and joints, better posture and balance, a stronger heart and a healthier weight, but it is also proven to contribute to higher self-esteem, better social interaction with others, and an increased concentration level, making it easier to absorb and retain information.

There are three different types of physical activity that promote healthy growth and development according to Canada’s Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living for Children. These are:


Activities that involve continuous movement of large muscle groups – increase heart rate, cause breathing to quicken, and make you work up a sweat. They are important for development of a healthy heart and lungs.


Activities that encourage children to bend, stretch and reach promote flexibility. Having adequate flexibility allows children to participate in daily activities without pain or restriction from their muscles or joints.


Working against a resistance helps children build stronger muscles. Adequate muscular strength allows kids to deal with the demands of daily life without excessive stress on their joints and muscles.

At Mundo Manía, the coast’s leading kids play centre we have a multitude of kids activities and kids play facilities that will keep your kids active whilst having great fun at the same time!

For babies and toddlers we have a superb interactive soft play area where they can crawl, climb, build and slide! We also have a weekly Wednesday coffee morning, where babies and toddlers can interact with others and build their cognitive skills via the interactive rhymes and stories session.

In addition every Saturday morning, we run workshops for 1 to 5 years olds with songs, games, stories, bubbles and more! Designed to get kids active and engaging with others.

So aside from going wild on the soft play frames, getting wet and wild in our magical wet play zone and bouncing high on our trampolines, there’s plenty to keep kids of any age active and happy.

Mundo Mania…where your child can learn, develop and grow.


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